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Trauma, Orthopedics, Endoprothetics and Hand Surgery at Helios

We want our patients to become mobile and pain-free again quickly. We create the conditions for this with precise preparation and modern, minimally invasive surgical methods that are gentle on the tissue and shorten the healing process.

Helios offers endoprosthetics and rehabilitation from a single source in one place. Instead of switching to a rehabilitation clinic after the operation, you continue the subsequent rehabilitation with us. Your operating physician is at your side from the consultation and decision on joint replacement to the operation and the completion of rehabilitation. We offer you also the ideal conditions to quickly get back on your feet with a new hip or knee joint.


World-class orthopedics experts


Knee replacement surgery: for your information

The surgeon chooses the correct surgical method according to the form and severity of the joint damage. Depending on how badly the knee is damaged, it may have to be partially or completely replaced.

The new knee joint

If the joint damage is too heavy and the physiotherapy no longer helps, the knee can be replaced in whole or in part by an artificial joint.

Structure of knee joint

When we walk, stand up, climb or go down the stairs, we use one important joint: the knee. Learn more about how it is organized.

Сauses of knee pain

Find out why your knees are starting to hurt.

Preparing for your hospital stay

Possible preliminary examinations and preparation for hospitalization

Preparation exercises before the surgery

Find out which exercises will help you recover more quickly from surgery, rehabilitate more effectively, and improve your chances of achieving your health goals.

How is hospital treatment going

What does the hospital expect? Learn in advance how everything is organized.

After the orthopaedic surgery

Postoperative period and recovery

Being able to smile again: the Olympic Games as a goal

Katsiaryna Halkina is 23 years old, and has been active in sports since she was five years old.

As well as for many professional athletes, the Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted Katsiaryna’s plans to attend the Tokyo Olympics 2020, which have been postponed to 2021. However, besides the COVID-19 pandemic, she suddenly has started feeling pain in her right foot.

Patient story: innovative joint surgery brings new hope to a dancer

For five years, the girl had unsuccessfully tried various treatment methods until she underwent an innovative procedure that is currently offered only at the Helios Hospital Krefeld, Germany. Thanks to this procedure, she has already started training and is preparing for her return.

Customized knee joint prosthesis

Artificial knee joint should fit the bone like a tailor-made suit because each knee joint is unique.

Patient Story: Congenital deformity of the spine involving lateral curvature (scoliosis)

The 16-year-old hid her crooked back under large T-shirts and wore a painful corset. But her spine continued to curve. Only surgery could help her – and it also increased the girl's height by five centimeters.

Ortho Fast Track recovery

With the accelerated recovery method, patients get up on their feet on the day of surgery, experience less pain, and spend less time in the hospital.

Robot-Assisted Knee Joint Surgery Using Rosa Robot

A new computerised robot-assisted system is now used in knee joint surgical interventions by the orthopedic team at Helios Hospital Berlin-Buch. It optimizes the knee joint prosthesis adaptation and ensures its optimal fit. It ensures increased patient satisfaction with an artificial joint.

Every day, 6 to 10 arthroplasties are done in an operating room at Helios Krefeld

Today we are talking to Prof. Dr. Med. Clayton Kraft, head of the clinic for orthopedics, trauma, and hand surgery at Helios Hospital Krefeld, about orthopedic procedures as well as modern and traditional approaches in endoprosthetic surgery.

Branch of the renowned ENDO-Klinik Hamburg opens at Helios Hospital Berlin-Buch

As of June 1, Helios Hospital Berlin-Buch will be a partner hospital of Europe's largest specialist clinic for endoprosthetics, sports orthopedics and spine surgery - ENDO-Klinik Hamburg. After two years of preparation, endoprosthetic care at the highest medical level is now available to all patients in the region.

New robotic technology for knee joint replacement at Helios Hospital München West


Patients who receive an artificial knee joint at the Helios Klinikum in Pasing will in future benefit from human expertise and the latest technology.

First robotic surgery at Helios Hospital München West

At the Endoprosthetics Center Munich West, a knee prosthesis has been implanted for the first time using robotic arm-assisted technology. The new Mako system offers more safety and precision for patients.

The "Ortho-Campus" in Hüls: A modern treatment concept for hip and knee replacement surgeries

 “All-in-one”: The "Ortho-Campus" in Hüls as part of Helios Hospital Krefeld offers joint replacement and rehabilitation under one roof. There is no need anymore to switch between the hospital, where the surgery is carried out, and a rehabilitation center. The same surgeon and medical team accompany the patient throughout his/her whole process: from the first consultation and taking the decision for surgery, during the surgery and even into rehabilitation.

The "bikini" incision: less pain, less blood loss and faster recovery in hip surgeries

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Martin Thaler, head of endoprosthetics at Helios Hospital München West, is a pioneer of a particularly gentle surgical technique for hip operations. He has been operating on patients for over 20 years using the so-called bikini incision.

Helios Cäcilien-Hospital Krefeld-Hüls: Patient Testimonials Ortho-Campus

Real patients report - people of different ages tell their stories: About their joint pain and surgery, rehab and how it is to live with the new knee or hip joint.

Helios Hospital Siegburg: Artificial hip joint - gentle surgery and fast mobilization

When is an artificial hip joint used? How does the operation proceed? And how do patients who are operated on at the Helios Klinikum Siegburg benefit? We asked Dr. Dennis Vogel, head physician for special orthopedic surgery, endoprosthetics and foot surgery.

AMIS: preserves tissue, accelerates healing

The minimally invasive surgery aims to avoid damaging the muscle strands and soft tissues surrounding the hip joint. In contrast to the conventional method, the hip joint is not accessed from behind but from the front. The hip joint is accessed through a natural muscle gap in the front of the thigh, which means that the muscle sections important for rapid rehabilitation do not have to be separated or cut.

This brings significant advantages: The muscles required for walking are intact, so that mobilization and recovery after surgery is faster and safer.

Another important advantage is the safety of luxation: the intact musculature and tissue hold the new joint ball firmly in the socket and prevent loosening of the joint (luxation). Patients who have undergone a minimally invasive hip joint implantation are back on their feet shortly after the operation and can dispense with walking aids sooner.

Helios Krefeld
AMIS: preserves tissue, accelerates healing

Out TOP orthopaedic department in Krefeld

The department headed by professor Kraft is one of the best orthopedic practices in Germany. Its team provides diagnostic and treatment services across the entire spectrum of musculoskeletal disorders, including trauma, congenital joint dislocation, and acute and chronic spine and joint diseases, such as arthritis, carpal syndrome, as well as infections that affect bones and soft tissues, for example, in osteomyelitis patients.

Trauma patients are treated in the Shock Trauma Unit by an interdis-ciplinary team consisting of anesthesiologists, traumatologists, and neurosurgeons. Spiral CT helps the attendant physicians to scan the entire body and quickly localize fractures and internal haemorrhages.

And when it comes to joint diseases, modern technology and years of experience make minimally invasive arthroscopic surgery increasingly common. "Arthroscopic" means that surgical instruments and a tiny camera are inserted through two small incisions. The camera lets sur-geons see the inside of the joint and ensures surgical precision.

Read more about Prof. Dr. Clayton Kraft
Out TOP orthopaedic department in Krefeld

Helios ENDO-Klinik: Europe's largest specialized clinic for endoprosthetics, sports orthopedics and spine surgery

The Hospital has achieved a worldwide reputation due to its outstanding competence in the treatment of diseases of the support and locomotor system. During the last 41 years more than 7.500 patients per year have placed their trust in medical knowledge and excellently qualified staff, who make this clinic a center of special competence.

Where conservative (non-surgical) treatment fails to deliver, the dam-aged joint is replaced with an artificial joint carefully designed taking into account patient's age, health conditions, and joint anatomy. 

Knee surgeries at Helios ENDO-Klinik are done using 3D-models derived from detailed MRI data. 3D-prototyping produces highly customized templates that can be manufactured ahead of surgery, and results in optimal selection of prosthetics and effective surgery planning. Precise planning shortens the time spent in the operating room and minimizes negative effects for the patient. Whenever possible, the center resorts to partial joint replacement procedures. When this approach fails, total joint re-placements are performed using internationally recognized high flex-ion artificial joints.

Helios ENDO-Klinik
Helios ENDO-Klinik: Europe's largest specialized clinic for endoprosthetics, sports orthopedics and spine surgery

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