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COVID-19 Update → current information

What is the current general impact of COVID-19 on international patients?

General COVID-19 Rules:

• A negative COVID-tests results (PCR method) should be presented, taken before departure within 48 hours before arrival

• Repeated PCR test in the Helios Hospital before admission

• 5 to 10 days of isolation (depends on the federal state/hospital)

• Corona quick test or repeated PCR test in the hospital on the day of admission

• In certain cases, Corona tests during treatment and before discharge

General regulations:

• Elective surgeries only case-by-case allowed

• Urgent treatments only*

• Life-threatening conditions

• Permanent dialogue with local health authorities

*Up to the physician

Helios Hospitals restrictions & rules *

• COVID questionnairy

All patients, accompanying persons and visitors must fill out a COVID-19 questionnaire upon entry. If you want to fill out the questionnaire at home and bring it with you, you can contact our Helios International Office. The questionnaire must reflect the current (health) status.

• Face masks

In all Helios hospitals, all patients, accompanying persons and relatives, as well as staff are required to wear medical masks in order to protect against COVID-19.

• Information for visitors

There are different visitor policies in Helios hospitals depending on current situation.

*Please, get in contact with Helios International Office before travelling to clarify COVID restrictions in different Helios Hospitals

Please have a look at the official sources to better understand the current COVID-19 situation

*Please note, that there are different restrictions and regulations in each German state and in each Helios Hospital.

Get in contact with Helios International Office before traveling for your medical treatment!