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Healthy weight loss with our obesity experts

More and more people suffer from obesity. The consequences of this are overweight and pathologically high body fat percentage. Overweight leads to increased risk of developing different chronic diseases. Our specialists have many years of experience in surgical treatment of obesity, which is confirmed by the inclusion of Helios in the lists of the best clinics for patients with obesity in Germany according to Focus magazine for several consecutive years.

In case of obesity or pathological overweight, we will guide you on your way to health. As a certified competence center for bariatric surgery, we specialize in surgical therapy as a long-term effective method of weight loss - all within the framework of individual therapy.

Bariatrics, Obesity & Metabolic Surgery


Surgical therapies for obesity

The purpose of obesity surgery is to restore the balance of energy. In this article you will learn about the efforts that can be made to achieve this goal.

Patient Story: where there's a will - there is a way

At some point André Sankowski had enough of his overweight. Lethargic, depressed, dissatisfied: he no longer wanted to live like this. In 2014, he decided to undergo gastric bypass surgery - and began to turn his life around. We asked how he is doing today.

Bariatric surgery: Selection criteria, application, aftercare

Before deciding to undergo surgery, all conservative, i.e. non-surgical, therapies should be used. Our patient program ObesityVital can also help you with this. When is an operation approved?

Adiposity - What is it?

The causes of morbid obesity are very complex and must be considered as "multifactorial". This means that not only the wrong dietary habits and lack of physical exercise are responsible for obesity, but that metabolic processes and genetic causes must also be considered very important for the evolution of the disease.

The first step to a new life

Adiposity, i.e. pathological overweight, and its consequences diabetes and high blood pressure are chronic diseases. Medical treatment is extremely important. The first step is actually three: change your diet, do more sports, change your behavior.

Sleeve gastrectomy

Approximately 70 percent of all obesity interventions are tubular stomach operations, i.e. sleeve gastrectomies. This is because patients cope well with the operation and the risks are low.

Bariatric surgery is not only about weight loss Oliver Stumpf, the Chief Physician of Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery Department at Helios Berlin-Buch, tells about wide-spreading obesity problem and about bariatric surgery as the most effective solution.

Bariatric surgery at Helios Berlin-Buch

Our experienced obesity specialists provide individual support for people with severe obesity to lose weight and help them maintain their reduced weight.

Helios Berlin-Buch is the largest center for obesity in Germany: about 800 patients a year are being operated on in our clinic Our experienced surgeons have already performed more than 7,500 operations.

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Bariatric surgery at Helios Berlin-Buch

Our adiposity experts

Unfortunately, in many cases conservative therapies are not successful. The interdisciplinary team at the Center for Obesity and Metabolic Medicine will help you to reduce your weight in an operation and maintain it in a long-term perspective and to cure your secondary diseases.

In cases of extreme obesity and to cure secondary diseases, the best and most successful long-term treatment is a combination of conservative and surgical therapy. A change of diet, increased physical activity and changing behaviour are the first steps and must be followed in the course of time. Surgical intervention is only used as an additional treatment, not instead of the classical therapy.

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Our adiposity experts

Your stay at Helios

Until today the health resort Berlin-Buch maintains its top position. Our private clinic located in the modern new building of the hospital combines this tradition and high-performance medicine with extraordinary comfort. In a hotel-like ambience, you will receive personal and individual care from us. For this purpose, you will have at your disposal high-quality single and double rooms, suites and an exclusive service concept.

Our patient management team will make sure that nothing is missing. We are there for you before, during and after your stay.

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Your stay at Helios

Adiposity Centers at Helios

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