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Helios Prevention Center

The combination of medical diagnostics, medical state-of-the-art technology and plenty of time for a confidential discussion enables us to provide tailored advice on current complaints and existing health risks. If changes in lifestyle make sense, practical and easy-to-implement measures are named immediately - initial small successes motivate people to continue a healthy lifestyle.

Why Helios Prevention Center?

  • Embedded in Europe's largest healthcare network

    Embedded in Europe's largest healthcare network

    Consiting of 86 Helios clinics with about 12.000 doctors and more than 130 medical care centers with about 1.000 outpatient doctors.

  • Choice of two check-up programs

    Choice of two check-up programs

    Can be individualized with additional modules according to focal points and individual wishes

  • Helios-wide appointment allocation

    Helios-wide appointment allocation

    Appointments in real time — bookable online or by phone via our customer service

Check-up Programs

A checkup at the Helios Prevention Center provides an accurate picture of your state of health. Every participant is comprehensively examined - our experts check important health parameters and physical performance functions. In the event of any risk constellations, the prevention measures and - if necessary - additional diagnostics are defined. The majority of the examinations take place in one day: our participants benefit from short waiting times, short distances and holistic lifestyle advice.

Premium Plus

Premium Plus checkup provides an accurate picture of your state of health with focus on most important points.

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Excellence Plus

Extended checkup with additional focus on oncology and orthopaedics prevention

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  • Entry examination

    Entry examination

    Many problems and risks only reveal themselves in personal discussions. Therefore, every check-up participant is received by the HPC specialist. He listens carefully to the guest, carries out the initial examination, coordinates the further course of action and remains the contact person even after the check-up.

  • Examinations


    The HPC specialist or our site coordinators personally accompany each participant throughout the day through the Helios specialist departments. There are no unnecessary journeys or waiting times. The specialists are always on site in the clinics - so the program can be adapted to the individual needs of each participant, even at short notice.

  • Detailed final discussion

    Detailed final discussion

    The HPC specialist takes time for another detailed consultation. In a thorough overall view, findings and laboratory values are combined and the risk profile is assessed. Finally, the physician develops an individual program for preventive measures, nutrition and sports together with the participant - and thus gives new impulses for a conscious lifestyle.

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