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Treatment of gynecological diseases in Germany

Treatment of gynecological diseases is one of the most important medical areas of the Helios group. 
The gynecological departments in Helios Hospitals provide the maximum range of various modern treatment and diagnostic options.


Our experts in gynecology


Palpable breast abnormalities: types, causes, diagnosis and treatment

When women notice a breast lump, it evokes a serious concern at first. Nevertheless, causes of breast changes or lumps are numerous. In a very rare case, this is a cancer.

Pioneer in Upper Bavaria: Chief gynecologist uses robotics in cancer surgery

At Helios Amper-Hospital Dachau, the head physician of the Clinic for Gynecology and Obstetrics of the Upper Bavarian Hospital Association, Dr. Sabine Keim, removes lymph nodes in the area of the abdominal aorta and the female pelvis with robotic assistance. This minimally invasive surgical technique is performed using a state-of-the-art robotic system and is considered one of the latest advances in surgical gynecology.

Helios Women's Hospital brings quality triple to Munich

The gynecology team at Helios Hospital München West can be pleased about three awards at once. The German Cancer Society recommends the facility both for the treatment of breast cancer and for cancers of the female genitals. The Working Group for Cervical Pathology and Colposcopy also recommends treatment at the Pasing Women's Clinic due to the particularly high quality standards in the early detection of changes in the cervix and external genitalia.

Helios Hospital Bad Saarow: Grigorij Nesterov takes over as medical director of Breast Center

There is a change in medical leadership at the Breast Center of Helios Hospital Bad Saarow. As of June 1, Dr. med. Grigorij Nesterov will assume the position of chief physician at the Breast Center and continue the existing commitment to excellent breast health. He succeeds experienced mammography expert Dr. med. Harry Brunzlow who is taking well-deserved retirement at the end of May after 21 years as chief physician.

Learn to know your breast - breast palpation

The majority of all cases of breast cancer are discovered by the women themselves, often even by chance when showering or applying cream. However, deliberate palpation of the breast is not difficult at all - and is still an excellent measure for early cancer detection.

Mastectomy: Information on breast removal

70 to 80 percent of all tumors can be treated with breast-conserving surgery. However, if the tumor is very large and malignant, affects the skin or forms several tumors in different areas of the breast, a mastectomy is usually performed.

Helios Hospital Bad Saarow - Interview with Dr. med. Grigorij Nesterov, Head of Breast Center

The certified breast center at Helios Hospital Bad Saarow has had a new head physician for a quarter of a year, and he has already won the hearts of his patients and his team. Dr. med. Grigorij Nesterov, an experienced breast expert in mammography and ultrasound, took up his post on 1 June 2023 with great enthusiasm and a clear goal: to continue to provide breast cancer patients with the highest level of care and to continuously improve treatment options.

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