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Specialist fields (in extracts)

  • Acute care (diagnosis and treatment) and early rehabilitation of patients with age-related diseases and comorbidities
  • Differential diagnosis and treatment of geriatric syndromes
  • Specific geriatric therapies for patients following stroke, falls (often involving bone fractures requiring trauma surgery) and in case of delayed convalescence following major surgeries or complicated internal diseases
  • Palliative therapies at advanced stages of diseases in old age

Curriculum vitae (in extracts)

01/04/1987 — Senior House Officer, Bethanien Hospital Heidelberg
31/12/1990 — (internal medicine/ acute geriatric medicine/ outpatient department)
01/01/1991 — Senior House Officer, Department of Medicine, University Hospital
31/12/1993 — Heidelberg
August 1992 — Completion of doctoral thesis with the subject: Documentation of drug compliance using continuous microelectronic monitoring: Initial experience during practical application in geriatric patients.
16/02/1994 — Internist
01/01/1994 — Consultant, Centre for Geriatric Medicine, Bethanien Hospital
30/06/1995 — Heidelberg (acute geriatric medicine, geriatric rehabilitation, outpatient department). Assistance in establishing the Academy of Continuing Education in Geriatric Medicine
01/07/1995 — Head of the Department of Geriatric Rehabilitation, Marien Hospital
30/06/2011 — St. Wendel
12/12/1995 — Certification of optional continuing education in «clinical geriatric medicine» (later on changed into additional qualification in geriatric medicine in accordance with the Speciality Training Regulations)
18/07/1996 — Specialist in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Since 01/2001 — Chairman of the Alzheimer Society in the district of St. Wendel and Board Member of the state association
01/06/2004 — Deputy Medical Director, Marien Hospital St. Wendel
05/03/2007 — Degree as certified health economist after completion of the study course «Business administration for physicians», WiSo Repetitorium, Cologne
10/04/2008 — Chairman of the committee «Geriatric rehabilitation hospitals»
31/05/2011 — Pursuant to Sec. 111 SGB V (Book V of the «German Social Code») of the Federal Association of Geriatric Medicine
01/05/2008 — Additionally, Head of the newly established Department of Palliative
30/06/2011 — Medicine, Marien Hospital St. Wendel
16/10/2008 — Certification of additional qualification in palliative medicine
Since 01/07/2011 — Head of the Centre for Geriatric Medicine, Helios Hospital Erfurt

Academic activities

1980 — Studies of human medicine, University of Heidelberg
March 1982 — Preliminary medical licensing examination
March 1983 — 1st part of the medical licensing examination
March 1985 — 2nd part of the medical licensing examination
10/85 – 10/86 — One-year practical training, St. Josef Hospital Heidelberg, elective subject gynecology
November 1986 — Medical licensing examination, licence to practice medicine

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