Spine Surgery in Erfurt - Highly Appreciated and Awarded
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Spine Surgery in Erfurt - Highly Appreciated and Awarded

The Spine Surgery Hospital team of Helios Hospital Erfurt has received two awards for their outstanding work. What is finally presented as a certificate meant not only plenty of work done earlier. But it is worth it: "We are specially proud of our most important achievement: AOSpine Centre re-certification," says Dr. Ali Ezzati, Chief Medical Officer of the Spine Surgery Hospital.

The Spine Surgery Hospital was again given a title of the AOSpine Centre by AOSpine Global Spine Disease Society being a member of the Association of Osteosynthesis. Only a few hospitals globally have the honour of winning this award. "We have been the AOSpine Centre since 2014, we were the first hospital in Central Germany at the time. Nowadays, only a few clinics in Germany have earned all three highest awards in the spine surgery field", Dr. Ezzati clarifies.

"I am very proud of the awards earned by our hospital. This is recognition of our work, the best award for me and my colleagues."

Dr. Ali Ezzati | Spine Surgery Hospital Chief Medical Officer

To comply with the highest requirements

The highest requirements are applicable to the Maximum Support Spine Centre (level 1) certification of the German Spine Society (DWG) and to Eurospine Advanced Experience Centre Reward. Besides special personnel qualification, it includes the highest equipment standards and cooperation with other specialized hospitals. "During inspection of our clinic, all processes are evaluated, from hospitalisation, diagnostic examinations and indications for surgical intervention to post-operative processes." Spine surgery in Helios Hospital Erfurt was impressive in all five categories.

Work recognition

I am very proud of the awards earned by our clinic," Dr. Ezzati resumes. "This is recognition of our work, the best award for me and my colleagues and important proof of very good interdisciplinary cooperation between various Helios Hospital Erfurt Departments. Such success would not be possible without active involvement of all participants."

To use all benefits of international know-how

This award also has very important meaning for reputation. Young doctors from all over the world regularly come to Erfurt to adopt the best experience of the Erfurt Hospital experts. Being a part of the global network bringing together the leading spine surgeons, the fresh spine surgeons, orthopaedic surgeons, traumatic surgeons and neurosurgeons from all over world use the possibility to undergo training in Erfurt for further development of their skills. "We are delighted with this exchange, as it is our patients, who are the ultimate beneficiaries of international advanced developments and technologies," Dr. Ezzati clarifies.

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